Techniques Available

There are a number of technologies that have been used for the moisture measurement including:

  • Microwave Transmission
  • Near Infra Red (NIR)
  • Capacitance
  • Conductivity

Of the technologies available, near infra red and microwave transmission techniques have probably been the most widely adopted.

This is because the limitations of the other technologies preclude their use in a number of applications. Of these two technologies, the microwave transmission technique has significantly fewer limitations compared to NIR:

The Microwave Moisture Measurement Technique

The moisture content of the material is determined by measuring the transmission of a microwave beam through the process material. This beam is emitted from a transmitter located in the lower arm of the Measurement C-Bracket located under the conveyor belt. The transmitted microwave signal is detected by the receiver located in the upper arm of the Measurement C-Bracket. The effect on the microwave signal by the material it passes through is recorded and used in the determination of the moisture content.

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